Porting Your Phone Number

Switching made easy

Illinois Valley Cellular is committed to providing consumers with a hassle-free experience when keeping their numbers when switching carriers.

To port your number:

  • It must remain associated with the same local geographic area where it is currently assigned.
  • The local geographic area with which your number is associated must be an area where Illinois Valley Cellular is licensed and currently provides service. Illinois Valley Cellular Porting Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am - 2pm

Why port your number to Illinois Valley Cellular?

  • Customer Care-  You want one-on-one customer service to help you whenever you have a question on your billing, the functions on your phone, and want to know that you will be speaking with a local call center representative that could be your neighbor and is always your friend!
  • Unique Calling Plans-  Illinois Valley Cellular is a locally owned and operated company whose network covers 8 Counties in North Central Illinois. However, Illinois Valley Cellular offers competitive rate plans with free nights and weekends, free mobile-to-mobile, free long distance, and nationwide coverage plans at an affordable price.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Check eligibility - Call or visit the new wireless service provider to check if your number is eligible.
  • Keep it Active - Don’t cancel service on the number you are wishing to port before switching. Your number must be active to a switch. Disconnecting service will make your number ineligible for porting.
  • Porting Paperwork - Leave a paper trail and ease the process. Have a copy of your current contract and most recent bill to ensure important information is readily available. Read your existing contract carefully to make sure you are not under contractual obligations that may contain termination fees. You are responsible for all charges owed to your old service provider, once you port to another carrier.
  • Have an alternate contact number for emergencies in case the port takes longer than anticipated. Remember this is a new process and delays in porting can and do occur. Please be patient, once your request to port to Illinois Valley Cellular is submitted, we, like you, must wait for the process to be completed.
  • Write down contact information from your phone before beginning the porting process.

Important - Do not send anyone to port your number for you. Only the authorized account holder can switch a number. However, Illinois Valley Cellular can verify all porting information at our Agent and Retail locations.

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