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IV FLEX Overview

What is IV Flex

IV Flex is a program that provides you the flexibility to upgrade early, and make 24 easy monthly payments until your device is paid off instead of having to pay for it all upfront.


• Save up to $40 a month on your Rate plan
• $0 down payment for Device
• No annual service contract
• Upgrade after 24 installments

IV FLEX support

Frequently asked Questions

*Eligible handset for the IVFlex Agreement must have a retail value greater than $400.  A $200 service fee may be applicable if you disconnect within the first 12 months of the IVFlex Wireless Agreement. *$36 Activation Fee


What People Are Saying

We have been with IVC for a long time, probably at least 15 years, we have always had great service, Jacki at the Marseilles office is…" Sarah Machiorletti Manz