No Charge

CARRYOVER Minutes are unused, accumulated, Anytime Minutes that carry over from month to month for up to 12 billing periods.

Illinois Valley Cellular is now proud to offer CARRYOVER Minutes. If you don’t use your entire plan minutes in a month, they will carryover to the next month. Never worry about having enough minutes ever again. With Illinois Valley Cellular’s CARRYOVER Minutes, your unused minutes will be there when you need them every month.

CARRYOVER MINUTES RATE PLANS: Carryover Minutes are described as unused Monthly Service Rate Plan Minutes. CARRYOVER Minutes accumulate on a month to month basis. CARRYOVER Minutes will expire in the 12th month from which they were applied. Lowering minute packages or rate changes made to accounts that reduce the package minutes or lower the price of the monthly service charge in which the CARRYOVER Minutes were applied, will result in the expiration of accumulated CARRYOVER Minutes. Termination of Service on individual lines within a multi-line account that have accumulated CARRYOVER Minutes will also result in the expiration of CARRYOVER Minutes held within the account. CARRYOVER Minutes are non-transferrable to other accounts or to Rate Plans that are not Carryover Rate Plans and may only be retained when increasing the minutes of a Carryover Calling Plan. CARRYOVER Minutes are summarized on your bill under the heading Promotional and CARRYOVER Minutes Summary. CARRYOVER Minutes are not used unless the subscriber goes over the Calling Plan Minutes. CARRYOVER Minutes are used before any available promotional minutes. Promotional and CARRYOVER Minutes are totaled together but are not the same. Promotional Minutes do not expire and are non-transferrable.