Wireless Phone Protection Plan Features

Wireless Phone Protection

Plans Monthly Premium Deductible
$0 - $224.99 $4.99 $50.00
$225.00 - $544.99 $6.99 $100.00
$545.00 - 1,000.00 $9.99 $175.00
1,000.01 - 1,500.00 $11.99 $250.00

Your Premium and Deductible are based on the non-contract, non-subsidized new retail price of the model of your mobile device or phone on the purchase date. The deductible must be paid before you receive your replacement equipment and is non-refundable.

What’s Covered?

  • Our comprehensive program covers an impressive range of incidents including: loss, theft, accidental damage, and malfunction after the manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s Not Covered?

  • While our program covers more than you can imagine, there are a few exceptions. Any normal wear and tear, preexisting flaws, or cosmetic damage is not covered. Have questions or need more details? Your policy and extended warranty terms & conditions have the full details on what can and can’t be reported.

When am I Covered?

  • Coverage starts as soon as you enroll at the store. Or, if you need a little time to think it over, enroll any time after your purchase and coverage will start in 30 days. Please note that your device must be fully operational and have no damage in order to still be eligible for coverage. You are eligible to file malfunction claims 365 days (12 months) after (1) your initial purchase date or (2) the date your original manufacturer’s warranty expires, whichever comes first.

How will I be billed?

  • Our low premiums are designed to provide coverage for anyone on a budget. This will appear on your monthly Illinois Valley Cellular statement.

What are the Claim Limits?

  • Our program allows 2 replacements within a rolling 12 month period for both components of your coverage: Insurance and Extended Warranty. The plan also allows $1,500.00 per claim.

What type of Replacement Equipment will I receive?

  • Replacements are often new but on occasion may be reconditioned. While reconditioned equipment looks and functions just like new, it may have minor cosmetic flaws and contain non-original manufacturer parts and accessories. If the exact make and model is not available, your replacement will be of like kind and quality.

How do I Cancel?

  • We give you freedom of choice with the option of cancellation at any time. Call Illinois Valley Cellular at (800) 438-4824 for assistance from a representative. You may receive a refund according to applicable law.


The Wireless Handset Protection Program combines our insurance and service warranty offerings. Visit http://ivcel.brightstarprotect.com for our Privacy Statement and your complete Insurance Policy and Service Warranty Agreement to determine your rights, duties, and exclusions.


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