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Simple Savings Plan

/> />Illinois Valley Cellular introduces a great phone service plan that is intended to make life easier for you. A simple, no contract, ideal if you want an easy to use cell phone plus an affordable plan.

All plans include long distance, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling and caller ID.

Monthly Service Minutes Included Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes Toll-Free Nationwide Inbound / Outbound Messages Text Messaging
$17.00 250 Unlimited Home Area Mobile-to-Mobile Unlimited Nationwide Toll-Free Calling Unlimited to Receive, $0.15 to Send Unlimited Text Messages

*Plans require the purchase of an IVC phone.
*$0.35 Per-Minute Rate After Allowance

Included Features

Optional Features

  • Voice Mail ($5.00)

Terms Applicable to the IVC Simple Savings Plan

Mobile-to-Mobile Feature – The Mobile-to-Mobile feature is available to all Illinois Valley Cellular customers calling any IVC cellular number located within the home eight county coverage area as illustrated on the nationwide system map. Any calls made outside of coverage area will be charged $.35 per minute.

Toll-Free Feature – Toll, local toll and long distance calls incur only air-time charges where applicable.

Illinois Valley Cellular Rate Plans – Rates shown are per minute and certain charges are subject to taxes, universal service and other charges. State and local taxes are collected based upon the customers billing address zip code or service zone. Full minute rounding applies to all minutes and fractions of minutes used. CARRYOVER Minutes are not available on prepay and Simple Savings plan.  Roaming charges are billed when received from IVC’s roaming partners and these roaming minutes will be included in the calculation of any allowance during the current billing cycle, which will reduce the total allowance minutes available. Calls using an IVC message feature may be charged airtime. IVC reserves the right to change customer’s digital phone software over the air without notice or require a manual update of the customer’s digital software. Failure to comply with a request for an update could lead to disruption or cancellation of service by IVC. IVC reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime. Must stay on rate for duration of contract. 50% out of network use with data or voice may result in suspension of service.

Activation Fee – An activation fee of $36.00 may apply. Activation fees will be billed in 3 monthly installments of $12.00 starting with the first month.

Service Trial Period –A service trial period of up to 15 days is available with all new accounts. No termination fee will apply if service is discontinued prior to the expiration date of the trial period. Customer will only be responsible for actual usage, roaming charges and toll where applicable. The activation fee is a charge to process the new service on the IVC system and is non-refundable. Therefore, the $36.00 activation fee may be included in the final bill.

Credits, Adjustments & Other Charges – Cost recovery of government mandated programs are charges to recover IV Cellular costs of complying with unfunded government mandates and may include, but are not limited to Universal Service Fund, Local Number Portability, CALEA, Homeland Security, and costs associated with expenditures of bringing new technologies, systems and interconnections to the consumer. Charges may range up to $4.00 per line. These cost recovery and assessment fees are not taxes or government required fees. Charges or credits for late fees, equipment purchases, and credits for service will be itemized under this heading as they occur.

See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

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We have been with IVC for a long time, probably at least 15 years, we have always had great service, Jacki at the Marseilles office is…" Sarah Machiorletti Manz