Why Us?

Why IVC? The latest phones, smartphones and devices. Affordable plans,  a network built just for the Illinois Valley and a Locally owned and operated company dedicated to the community that surrounds them, the real question is why not Illinois Valley Cellular!

Illinois Valley Cellular epitomizes the definition of a local and rural wireless provider.  Illinois Valley Cellular’s Headquarter and wireless broadband switch is located in Marseilles, Illinois, LaSalle County and is situated in a rural setting along the Illinois River in Central Illinois.  We employ 70 local people that reside in our 8 County coverage area that consists of Stark, Ford, Iroquois, Livingston, Putnam, Bureau, Marshal and LaSalle counties.  We operate 9 local retail Wireless Solution Center retail stores and have an additional 8 agent locations throughout our 8 County coverage area. 


Our vision is to be known to everyone in the rural Illinois valley area we serve as their local premiere service provider of everything wireless and broadband.  We want everyone who chooses our wireless service to feel like part of our wireless family and experience outstanding local customer service for assistance, be able to find the latest in wireless devices and receive the most dependable wireless service available nationwide.


Illinois Valley Cellular and our employees are dedicated and committed to supporting the communities we serve.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life in these communities through many new and innovative technical channels.  The integrity of both our employees and the company is reflected in everything we do.  Illinois Valley Cellular follows the highest of standards of ethical behavior both on and off the job.  We are passionate and committed in doing business with our wireless family the “right way” –always putting our customers and their needs first.  Illinois Valley Cellular has historically been first in innovation and technology services within our 8 County service area.  Offering free educational programs and hands-on demonstrations of our devices throughout our 8 County areas on wireless device safety and responsible use are just a few demonstrations of our commitment.  We continue to support local not for profit organizations, Chambers of Commerce, schools, hospitals, emergency response organizations, arts programs, and food pantries. With the support and loyalty of our customers and communities, Illinois Valley Cellular has been able to support a wide range of both State and the local causes that help thousands each year.


In the last 20 years, Illinois Valley Cellular has invested more than $31 million in network infrastructure and has a total of 50 cell sites situated throughout our 8 county coverage area on local farmland, most of which generates income to the local residents for the rental of their property.  All 50 of Illinois Valley Cellular’s cell sites have 3G high-speed data capacity.  Illinois Valley Cellular hires local contractors for all work and upgrades required on their system.  We are already offering affordable wireless internet services in rural Illinois counties that either have limited or no internet service available at all and we are looking to invest in future upgrades to our network that will bring faster multi-media services through wireless broadband.


Illinois Valley Cellular is committed to the economic growth and the development of the rural Illinois communities we serve through Wireless technology services.  We believe that these technologies will lead our local rural communities into a future of prosperity, education advances, innovation and entrepreneurship that will guarantee new business development, job creation, and advanced educational training in technology.  Illinois Valley Cellular has confidence in its owners and employee’s commitment as well as everyone in the communities we serve. Only together, these goals for an improved quality of life through technology can be achieved. 

What People Are Saying

We have been with IVC for a long time, probably at least 15 years, we have always had great service, Jacki at the Marseilles office is…" Sarah Machiorletti Manz